Pleasant Pairie Wisconsin October 1927,

the great depression is on everyone’s doorstep and the members of Cirque Noir are feeling it too. The circus that was created 7 years ago by merging the traditional freakshow Romulus & Remus and the vaudeville show Soiree Noir is once again facing bankruptcy and heads will roll.

When the disappearance of a local beauty queen brings a ton of curious eyes to the circus. It is unclear what will bring them down first. Their own secrets, the local law or the mob who seems to have it’s contacts within the circus ranks as well.

And from beyond the grave a man looks on. Determined to bring his circus back on the right track. But are the artists even ready to be confronted with their sins? Or will his good intentions only drive them further apart?



As Cirque Noir will be an international event our default language for both in- and off-game communication will be English.


Cirque Noir is a LARP about Us vs. Them, about family and about what long kept secrets and lies can do to a community.


Everyone will have equal opportunity to claim a spot at Cirque Noir, exception to this rule are the purchasers of the limited pay-it-forward tickets.


While we are heading to the set date of Cirque Noir we will be posting regular updates and you can contact us via several means if needed.