The larp begins around 22:00 on friday the 10th of may 2019. You can check in from 17:00 and are expected to be on site for workshops at 19:00.
On Sunday the larp ends around 14:00 afterwards there is dinner and an after party for all participants. The overnight stay for sunday to monday is included in the participation fee.


In English for 60 players.
To participate in Cirque Noir you have to be 18+


Groepsaccommodatie de Kievit, Prins Hendriklaan 4, 5085 NJ Esbeek, The Netherlands


Sleeping will be done in large shared dorms at the location.
Mattresses are available but you are expected to bring your own sheets and bedding (these can also be rented from the organisation.)


Cirque Noir is an all inclusive event. We will provide a light dinner on friday and full dinner on saturday and sunday. Breakfast and lunch are also included as well as drinks and snacks.
Our kitchen staff can accommodate most dietary needs but we need to know this during sign-up. We cannot guarantee any special dietary needs after you have signed up so please contact us early when special arrangements need to be made.
If you have any specific medical or dietary needs don’t hesitate to contact us before the game on cirquenoirlarp@gmail.com so we can see what we can do for you, but we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate everything.

Alcohol & drugs

This is a limited-alcohol event. We will serve alcohol but in very limited amounts. Players who wish to drink alcohol will be provided personal bar tabs which allow them to drink either 4 beers, 3 wines or 2 whiskey/port every evening. There will be no alcohol served before dinner. Alcohol brought from home will not be allowed at the event. At the after party alchohol will be freely available, please note that our bartenders are allowed to deny you alcoholic beverages if they consider you too intoxicated!
Anyone who is found cheating the bar tab system or who brings alcohol from home will be immediately removed from site and not be allowed to return to the event.
All recreational drugs (including cannabis) are banned from our event.


November 1st: ticket registry opens. Players who purchase a supporter tickets will be contacted after registration. Players who register for regular and sponsored tickets will be contacted on November 31st at the latest. These tickets will be allotted through a lottery if more than 50 players apply.
Ticket registry will be open till November 20th
November 31st: Players will learn if they have a ticket.
End of january: Players receive their characters.


The entire main building is on one level and wheelchair accessible with exception of the separate building that houses the blackbox and the crew/NPC quarters. To get to those you have to climb a steep set of stairs. However the inability to access these two locations should not take away from the player experience.
The main building (players sleeping quarters and play area) have a wheelchair accessible bedroom and bathroom. The tent area will be placed on a grassy field which is well maintained and unless completely rained through accessible as well. Some tents might be inaccessible with the wheelchair due to small entryways.

Ticket prices

Supporter ticket; 225 euros – (10 available, first come first serve) Includes a full ticket for the larp and a limited edition supporter t-shirt. Every supporter ticket allows us to sell one sponsor ticket.
Regular ticket; 175 euros – (between 40 and 50 available) This is a normal ticket for the larp, including food and lodging. These will be allotted through a lottery.
Sponsored ticket; 125 euros – (between 1 and 10 available) This is a regular ticket for a reduced price. Availability depends on the amount of sponsored tickets sold. These tickets will be allotted through a lottery.
NPC tickets are by invitation only. If you are looking to NPC with us, send us an e-mail.
For this price you will get:
Full board from 2019-05-10 18:00 until 2019-05-13 10:00. This includes 3 nights, 3 breakfasts, 3 dinners and 2 lunches.
A written character customized to your needs and wishes. Which provides you with a personal secret, background and (optional) goals for the game.
Game masters available, before, during and after the game.
(Bedding and costumes are not included in the ticket price but can brought by players or rented from us.)

Getting there

The organisation will provide transfers from Tilburg train station which can easily be reached from all major Dutch airports.
The location has enough parking space to accommodate players arriving by car.